Scottish Government and Scottish Housing Regulator

Examples of Our Work

  • Scottish Government – Homelessness and Rough Sleepers Action Group Rapid Rehousing
  • Scottish Government – Demand and Supply of Short-Term lets in Scotland
  • Chartered Institute of Housing and Scottish Government – The Impact of the LHA Cap on Young People
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise – The Impact of Bank Closures in the Highlands
  • Scottish Government – RSL Missing Shares Consultation
  • Scottish Futures Trust – Mid Market rent assessment
  • Scottish Housing Regulator – Service User engagement research
  • Scottish Housing Regulator – Priorities of Homeless Service Users
  • Scottish Government – Evaluation of Local Housing Strategy co-development with disabled people
  • Scottish Government – Poverty Toolkit Feasibility Study With Heriot Watt University
  • Scottish Government – Devanha Evaluation