GHA and Glasgow City Council – Glasgow Housing Options Research

Mandy Littlewood Social Research Consulting led this research team which included Anna Evans Housing Association and Heriot Watt University. The aim of the research was to assess the nature and scale of barriers to meeting housing need in Glasgow and the reasons for people seeking housing.

Anna’s role in this large study was to lead on stakeholder consultation, to make recommendations on current services, and to provide recommendations on the strategic models/options for development of a housing options service in Glasgow.

The main outputs form the study were:

  • An assessment of the key barriers to housing for people living in Glasgow and moving to the city to live, including analysis of the frequency and severity of common issues
  • Strategic options/recommendations regarding requirement for services and products which would help remove barriers to housing for people in Glasgow
  • Specific recommendations about the development of a housing options service
  • An overview of the potential contributions that different organisations in Glasgow could play in providing a housing options service
  • Key risks/issues for GHA to consider in relation to any recommended business or service development.